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Restaurant & Pub

We aim to please with a wide variety of foods.

Your choice of Western Cuisine, Korean Dishes or Sushi.

Our Restaurant


In our newly rennovated dining room you will enjoy sitting back, relaxing and trying something new with our wide selection of food. We have authentic Korean dishes, Sushi Rolls - from the classic California roll to the popular Steelhead roll. If its not Korean or Sushi you desire, we also have the usual - burgers, sandwiches, quesadillas and other western dishes. 


Throughout our restaurant you will come across local art. Paintings, Carvings and Pictures that show a little bit of Bella Coola will keep you interested while sipping on a drink. In the summer season we also have a patio that you can sit and watch the sunset while enjoying one of our delicious meals.

Our Pub


The Valley Inn Pub is a great place to stop in and have a drink while playing some pool. With 3 pool tables, a keno machine and pull tabs it's a great way to unwind from the day. If you're lucky you may even stop by on one of our themed karaoke nights.

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