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Bella Coola, British Columbia

Located in the central coast of British Columbia, Bella Coola is a hidden gem of nature. Though it may be a little cut off from the luxuries of the city -- Bella Coola is a luxury of its own. A visit to the Bella Coola Valley will give you an escape from the hectic pace of life and make you sit back, relax and appreciate nature for what it is.

The town of Bella Coola is located 100km up an inlet from the Pacific Ocean.


Depending on the season, there are a wide variety of activies for the nature lovers and adventurers. In the summertime there's nothing better than relaxing on the river with a fishing rod in hand, going for a hike to explore the beautiful nature, hiring a guide for a wildlife tour, or even a boat trip out to the hot springs. Not to mention a tour of the ancient petroglyphs -- dated back from 5,000-10,000 years ago. With a Nuxalk guide you will be enlightened with chants and legends of the land and the people - learning the history first hand. Other activities include horseback riding, heli-hiking, mountain biking and don't forget about swimming with the salmon. During the winter months the mountains are blanketed in snow creating a tranquil atmosphere where you can go snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, heli-skiing and snowmobiling.


From the town, the Valley stretches 80km to the bottom of "The Hill" on Highway 20. By now you have entered Tweedsmuir Provincial Park. "The Hill" is a roughly 20 minute stretch of road with an 18% grade and narrow, winding switchbacks to climb out of the valley. You then come out on the plateau, and being in Tweedsmuir Park, it is not out of the ordinary to see many wildlife such as fox, deer, black bears, moose and even grizzlys. Have your cameras ready because although it is quite remote, the scenery is something you'll never forget.




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